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This eco-friendly Solid Dishwashing Soap Bar (8 oz) is gentle on the hands and designed to effectively cut stubborn grease from all your kitchenware essentials. With plastic free packaging, this concentrated zero waste dish soap bar is the perfect alternative to conventional liquid soap! Washing dishes with bar soap is the ideal economical solution to minimize waste in your kitchen.


Please see photos for a full list of ingredients

PLANTISH - Unscented Dish Soap Block

SKU: 0002
  • Made in Vancover 

    Palm Oil Free

    Plant Based

    Scent Free

    Only 4 Ingredients


  • Coconut Oil (sodium cocoate) - creates hard soap bars with fluffy, stable lather

    Olive Oil (sodium olivate) - makes soap suitable for all skin types that conditions and softens your skin

    Water (aqua)

    Lye* (sodium hydroxide) - an alkali that is required for soap making and is eliminated in the saponification process

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