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This is a charcoal and prebiotic forumula, with activated charcoal and reduced baking soda, making it gentle enough for most while eliminating odour and maintaining skin's healthy balance. Use discernment when wearing light coloured clothing.


This little jar of wonder was created for your underarms, but its natural formula means you can put it on all your places. Your feet, between your thighs, nape of neck, and your underboobs are all great places to prevent/remedy unsavoury smells & get your signature scent amplified.


Tonka, Sage, Cardamom & Rosalina.


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Made in Calgary, AB

Please see photo's for a full list of ingredients

ROUTINE- Deodorant - Superstar

    • Test on humans never animals
    • All Natural/Aluminum Free
    • Apply a dime-sized amount to each underarm, and any area of your external body that you'd like to smell nice.
    • 1 Jar = 3-6 months supply of deodorant
  • The activated charcoal will help with the destinking as it helps pull toxins from the glands.

    While the prebiotics feed your natural microbiome to keep it healthy and flourishing, able to do its job!

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