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What is Surfaces Disinfectant actually spreading? Peace of mind, that’s what. The peace of knowing that every single non porous surface in the house can be easily sterilized. Are you also having problems with your littles ones and furry friends putting hands and paws everywhere they’re not supposed to ? You can stop worrying, we got you covered. We only use ingredients that are safe for all.


Extra dirty surface? Wash it down first and then apply disinfectant. All it takes is a single spray and all your worries will fly away. Use on all hard, non-porous surfaces such as countertops, floors, walls, woodwork, or any water washable surfaces. For domestic and industrial use, hospitals, schools, public buildings, offices, hotels, factories, toilets, shower rooms.


Please see photo's for a full list of ingredients

Manufactured in by Pure in Quebec


THE REFILL BAR- Disinfectant Spray

    • Health Canada approved DIN: 02514575
    • Contains 0.5% active peroxide that kills fungi, germs, bacteria and viruses.
    • It can be used in hospitals, schools, buildings, offices, hotels, factories, washroom and shower facilities
    • Ideal for floors, walls, woodwork or any water-washable surface
    • Ecological and ultra-efficient Disinfectant
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