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With this ultra consentrated formula there is no job too big! With just enough fresh laundry smell for you to enjoy this is non invasive to others! 


Almond Blossom - The warm almond scent wraps around you with this non toxic fragrance/essential oil blend.


Linden Flower - Bright beautiful energizing scent, like sunshine in a bottle. Blended with non toxic fragrance and essential oils.


Unscented - No added Fragrance


Pump not included on 2L and 4L


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Manufactured by PURE in Quebec

Please see photo's for a full list of ingredients

The Refill Bar - Laundry BULK

  • Top loader = 25ml

    Front loader = 40ml

    Compatible with HD and effective in cold water


    • Gluten Free
    • Vegan/Cruelty Free
    • Safe Ingredients
    • Non toxic fregrance
    • Biodegaradable
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